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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ten for Friday

1.  I love making you laugh :)

2.  I told you you look good in yellow!  Haha.

3.  I hope you are enjoying your family visiting!

4.  I also hope you've been enjoying the food and are ready for more!

5.  I love watching you and Liam nuzzle together. It is adorable!

6.  Thank you so much for my anniversary canvases. They turned out so well, especially the Haleakala one. I love them!

7.  Speaking of anniversary, I am so happy we have celebrated four amazing years together.  Here's to more than four!

8.  I hope you enjoyed our very first massages ever. I know I was relaxed and I can't wait to do more with you!

9.  And I don't even have to ask to know that you enjoyed Godzilla! I'm so happy you were able to actually enjoy a movie in the theater without pain.

10.  I'm very excited to start prepping for our Big Island trip together. It'll be so much fun!
Bonus: I know that we have moved toward a big step in this whole medical process, but just know that I am here for you every step of the way and we are going to be fine. I love you so much!

ily <3

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