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Friday, May 25, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  I love that we pretty much know exactly what each other thinks on a topic, especially when I'm forced to decide something on my own that would greatly affect us both.

2.  I hope you enjoy the surprise I managed to get for you!

3.  You're the Mickey to my Minnie and the Tigger to my Winnie =)

4.  I really hope you like all of the little things I've done to the house to reorganize it!

5.  I am BEYOND thrilled that I finally got an email from you!!!  Yay!!!

ily <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Deployment Projects

So I may have become a little...ambitious lately, particularly in regards to a certain project I've decided to tackle.  You see, when Mr. L deploys, I tend to take on tasks that will keep me occupied from the time he's gone until when he comes back.  And what did I somehow end up picking for this trip?

Well, I found this fabric:

Premier Prints Acres Twill Harmony/Green fabric via
And I fell in love with it, so I declared that I would somehow make it turn into a king size blanket for our bed.

Did I mention I have very, very little sewing experience?  I've pretty much only made baby blankets and, very recently, my Schnauzer's Christmas stocking.  And, naturally, I've also decided to throw in matching pillows, a headboard, a bedskirt, and possibly drapes, but I'll probably save those for trips in the future.  It should all be a fun experience, though!

I also possibly have a mild case of ADD, because I can't ever do just one project (even if it's a big undertaking like the blanket).  So I'm also doing a mixture of organization, cleaning, and decorating projects that I hope all turn out very nicely.  I guess we'll have to wait and see on that end, though!

How do you deal with deployments?  Do you sew, and if so, do you have any tips?!  I sure could use some!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  I love that you know somewhat about what I'm talking about when I discuss some of my shows with you.

2.  And speaking of said shows, I wish you were here to comfort me after the stupid Grey's season finale =(

3.  I really, really miss your voice, so much that I listen to one of your "meow" voicemails like a couple times a day.

4.  We're getting HBO to watch True Blood, just so you know.  =D

5.  I seriously can't believe it's been two years since we tied the knot.  It's been a crazy ride so far, and will continue to be for at least another, oh, five decades, and I'm beyond thrilled that I'm on this ride with you <3

ily <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And it Comes Back to Us: The Details

Now that the recaps are finally finished (and I managed to do it by our second anniversary, which is today, yay!), I wanted to do one last post to showcase some of the little details of the wedding that I may or may not have already shown.  Let's start!

Up first is a better look at our ceremony and reception site, the Kirk House.  This is the view I had when I walked under the arbor and down the aisle:

And this is another view of all of the tables set up for the reception.  I loved the lanterns hanging in the trees; I think it made it a bit more whimsical and definitely brighter!

Now let's move on to the flowers, one of my favorite parts of the wedding.  This is a picture of my bouquet -- I had pink roses, yellow lilies, and orange dahlias, and I absolutely loved it.  It brought a wonderful vibrancy to my dress and all of the pictures it was in.  My MOH's bouquet also had similar flowers.

The rest of our flowers kept the same color pattern, like our aisle decorations:

Our arch:

Close up of the arch flowers

And our reception table centerpieces:

The flowers absolutely came out just as I'd hoped.  I loved all of the beautifully bright colors against the green backdrop of the lawn and trees.

My card box was also a big favorite of my wedding details.  Although we spent a bit more money on it, I felt it was worth it.  Nowadays it stays in our bedroom on top of a bookcase and it holds cards we get throughout the year from our families.

One delicious brainchild of my mom was the candy buffet she insisted we have:

We had SO many varieties of candy -- it was amazing!  And she managed to color coordinate everything with the rest of the wedding.  I loved it, but we really had a ton of candy left over.  So if you're looking to do a candy buffet too and want a lot of variety like you see here, do NOT buy a lot of it!  Well, unless you happen to enjoy candy leftovers for months like we ended up having, haha =)

I love these adorable letter dishes.  So cute!

Here are my wedding day shoes -- another instance of wanting pops of bright color all around me.  I love seeing the peek of pink in a lot of our pictures!  The shoes were dyed to match my MOH's dress (and her shoes were also pink).

And the final detail I'll share in this post are our wedding bands!  My band matches my engagement ring (half-eternity with diamonds and milgrain edges) and Mr. L's wedding band (a tungsten band with Celtic crosses engraved on it as a tribute to his Scottish heritage).  I smile every time I see our rings now, whether in person or in a picture.  =)

 And that is it!  I am finally finished with wedding recaps, yay!  Thanks for hanging in there everyone, and I also want to wish my wonderful and amazing husband a happy two year wedding anniversary.  I love you, Mr. L!


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Before the Big Day
And it Comes Back to Us

And it Comes Back to Us: We Toss and the Reception Ends

When we were finished playing some wedding games we'd planned out, we gathered all of the single ladies and single men for the bouquet and garter tosses.

The girls and I were up first...looks like the competition was getting pumped up!

I love this shot so much, haha!  They were fighting for the bouquet and it was hilarious!  Mr. L's sister ended up catching it and we declared her the winner!

I then sat down in a chair and Mr. L took off the garter, stood up with his back to the line of guys, and launched it in the air.

 I suppose that's a bunch of guys for you -- staring at the garter and hoping you're not the one to catch it!  Our friend Kevin was the lucky fellow for this toss.  And look at that catch -- so smooth.  He's a total pro.

We gathered up both winners and then posed with them for a victory picture:

Luckily for them we didn't make them do anything embarrassing afterwards haha.  When we were planning what to do, we figured that just the tosses alone would be fine -- no need for the guy to put the garter on the girl.  It felt like it could end up being very awkward!

After the tosses, everyone talked, drank, and danced for about another hour or so.  It was so much fun getting to talk to so many of our loved ones and see how much fun they were having.

It's not a wedding without the Cha Cha Slide!
Hello memories of middle school, good to see you again!
Eventually the majority of our guests had left, and with their departure came the end of the night.  Mr. L and I helped our families load up the vehicles with all of the wedding decorations and food, then we grabbed our own basket of goodies from our caterers (which was such a wonderful thing to have -- we were starving when we got to our hotel!) and headed off into the night.

We didn't have a traditional "everyone watch us as we leave" getaway, mainly because I honestly never even thought of doing it.  I really liked how our evening ended though.  With everything our families did to put together such a beautiful and amazing wedding, it was the least we could do to help after the party was over, plus we had the opportunity to talk about what a great night it was.  I would do it over again the same way without hesitation, for sure.  =)

I'll be back tomorrow for one more post, which talks about the little details of the wedding and of course commemorates my and Mr. L's two year wedding anniversary!


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Before the Big Day
And it Comes Back to Us

Monday, May 14, 2012

And it Comes Back to Us: Wedding Games

After the bouquet and garter had both been tossed, it was time to finish off the rest of the reception.  First up was a game called The Anniversary Dance.

For this game, all of the married couples hit the floor and start dancing.  After a couple of minutes, the announcer (our DJ) would ask any couples been married for 5 years or less (or any other number of years!) to leave the floor.  Then after another minute or two the announcer would ask for anyone married 10 years or less to leave, and keep going in this pattern until the couple married the longest was left.

We'd pretty much figured it out in advance, but Mr. L's grandparents were the winners of this game!

After the Anniversary Dance, our DJ kept Mr. L and I up in front of everyone and we started the next activity -- the Shoe Game.

Gotta love hilariously awkward laughing faces!
Mr. L and I had to stand back to back with our shoes off of our feet.  I held one of his shoes and one of mine, and he did the same.  Our DJ began to ask us questions, like "Who's more stubborn?" and "Who controls the TV remote?" and even "Who's always right?", and we would answer by holding up one of the shoes.

It was a pretty cute game, and it got some great laughs out of all of our guests (and out of me and Mr. L)!  I love watching this game at other weddings, so it was fun to participate in it as well.


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Before the Big Day
And it Comes Back to Us

And it Comes Back to Us: We Dance with our Parents

Since the food was eaten and the cake was cut, the next thing on our reception itinerary was the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance.  Mr. L and I had decided for awhile to combine these two dances.  Neither of us are big on dancing, so after reading a few posts over on Weddingbee about the different ways we could go about this, we decided to combine the two dances.  We ended up choosing Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World".  Little did we know at the time that it would become an "homage" of sorts to our next home =)

My dad and I danced to the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" part of the song...

And Mr. L and his mother danced to the "What a Wonderful World" part.

They were so adorable dancing together.  Mr. L couldn't even say anything to her without making her cry, while my dad was busy doling out advice during our dance =)

Towards the end of the song, when it goes back to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", Mr. L escorted his mother off the dance floor and took me out to finish the song.

If I recall correctly, the last part was Mr. L's idea, and I believe it was a wonderful way to symbolize the start of our new journey together as our own family unit.  =)


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Before the Big Day
And it Comes Back to Us

Sunday, May 13, 2012

And it Comes Back to Us: Let Them Eat Cake!

When we took the last bites of our delicious dinner and finished listening to our loved ones give toasts, we filed all of our guests inside the house and did the cake cutting.  (And yes, I actually did eat at the wedding, thank God!)

I love this picture because it shows nearly all of our guests!
Our delicious cake, complete with fresh dahlias in our colors
It was a pretty typical cake cutting, so I'll let the pictures (and my captions?) do the talking.

My face after this moment is hilarious -- the cake was sooo yummy.
For the wedding cake we were nice to each other!

And then came the groom's cake (you know you wanted to see it again!)

He politely fed me his piece...
And I totally went in for the smash.  Ha!
Talk about some yummy cake =)  I'm pretty sure our guests enjoyed it, too!