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Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day 8 - A Bad Habit

Mr. L and I share a bad habit.  We don't pick up our clothes off the floor.  I mean, we have our moments (or rather bursts) of cleanliness when we get the itch, but normally, wherever we are, it looks like this -- messy.

(Even poor Liam's dog crate is not immune to our messy powers!)

The rest of the clutter (books on the nightstand, giant craft box on the floor, random boxes/things on the dresser) is attributed to the fact that Mr. L just moved in with me and my parents for a month when I wasn't very "clutter-free" myself after I moved in.  Things are so disorganized right now!

I'm definitely looking forward to Hawaii so we can have our own space again.  I really miss that.  But it'll come around again in due time =)


If you're interested in joining up with the 30 Day October Photo Challenge, check out this post and leave a comment to sign up.  Then check out the group Flickr page, join up, and add your pictures there too!

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