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Monday, October 3, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day 3 - Clouds

So of course, on the day that I need to take pictures of clouds, there was nary a cloud in sight all day xD

You'll all have to settle for the daytime sky and moon instead!

Just imagine the clouds are there =)


If you're interested in joining up with the 30 Day October Photo Challenge, check out this post and leave a comment to sign up.  Then check out the group Flickr page, join up, and add your pictures there too!


  1. How neat! I see that a lot but never thought to capture it. Great job!

  2. There were no clouds at my house today either! I thought about snapping a shot of the moon, but went with the sunset instead...there was a very slight haze, and that was as close to clouds as I could get today!