Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday

1.  Yay for snuggles!

2.  I'm hoping we're both over being sick.  That's been no fun!

3.  I'm glad you had a great mid-week game!  It was a little weird having it on a Thursday but it was actually a really good day :)

4.  I'm also glad you like the chicken dip!  That way I don't have to eat it all myself, haha.

5.  I love that you've been loving my cooking lately.  It makes me feel great!  :)

ily <3

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Seven for Sunday

1.  I guess we'll know in a few weeks what the word is from D.C.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

2.  We definitely should watch more documentaries together.  I know a couple that might interest you!

3.  You're so sweet for taking the dogs to the groomer for me so I could watch football.  Thank you!

4.  I'm glad we have each other, especially during disappointing news.  I'm getting more and more ready to move back to the mainland :\

5.  I still hate you for getting that drop this week.  Lol, congrats!

6.  I'm glad we're talking about taking a relaxing vacation together.  You need a stress-free weekend with minimal go go go activities!

7.  I guess we both knew that you'd eventually get me sick.  Thanks for taking care of me though :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Think: Net Neutrality

You all may have noticed the giant freakin' banner at the top of my blog appear overnight, but I assure you, it is for a good reason!  I am participating in the Battle for the Net in order to protect a free and open internet for all U.S. citizens, not just those rich enough to afford it.  This is also known as net neutrality.

You may have heard that term before, but if you want to understand it better, I highly suggest this video from John Oliver of Last Week Tonight:

For the Battle of the Net, this is what is going to happen.  On September 10th of this year (tomorrow), participating websites, including Netflix, Reddit, Vimeo, Etsy, Credo, Upworthy, Tumblr, Digg, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Imgur, and many, many more will be displaying the same kind of loading icon I have at the top of my own blog in order to protest the idea of internet fast lanes.  Although these websites won't actually be slowing down their speeds (yours truly included), this kind of outpouring of support for net neutrality is huge and will surely cause people to take notice.

But getting attention isn't the main goal here.  We want U.S. citizens to contact their lawmakers and make a statement about what the internet should be like in this country.  Congressional action is how we will force our voices to be heard and it's one of the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal.  In order to ensure our Congresspeople are doing what we the people wish, we have to tell them first.

Use the widget at the top of the page to fill out a form letter and send it to your Congressperson.  Make phone calls to them as well.  Share on Twitter, Facebook, or your social media platform of choice.  Talk to your family and friends about this, especially those who aren't as connected to digital media and news as others may be.  Get the word out so we can fight what Team Cable has in store for us!

For more information on the Battle for the Net, go here.  This website goes in depth about this specific event and also includes known members of Team Cable and Team Internet (where does your lawmaker stand?) and tells you how to participate in the battle on September 10th.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Five for Friday

1.  You were such a great sport for puppysitting last weekend.  Thank you again!!

2.  I am definitely taking you back to Kauai for you to at least see Waimea Canyon.  You'd love it!

3.  Thanks for not disowning me while my face peels from this dumb sunburn, blech!  Haha :)

4.  I'm excited to watch some college football with you this weekend!!  Finally!

5.  I'm so glad that we're able to communicate so well with each other, even if it takes a little while to finally get there.

ily <3

Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for Friday

1.  College football is back!!  I know we are both excited for it :)

2.  I hope you have a nice weekend relaxing at home and don't miss me too much!

3.  I also hope the pups behave for you, haha.

4.  Thanks for all your help cleaning and packing.  I really appreciate it!

5.  Next weekend, don't worry, we will have a football party.  Get excited!

ily <3

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Slow Cooker Kalua Pork

If there's one Hawaiian recipe Mr. L and I love to eat, it's kalua pork.  They serve it up at most (if not all) of the local restaurants and definitely all of the luaus on island and we cannot get enough of it.  It's so flavorful and juicy and tender and it's making my mouth water right now just thinking about it!  

I knew I needed to find a simple, easy way to make it at home, and I did thanks to AllRecipes!  Using a slow cooker for this dish is genius.  You just throw all the ingredients in one night before bed and by the time dinnertime rolls around, your entree is ready to be pulled apart and eaten.  Yum!

This dish definitely makes a TON of pork, so be prepared for days of leftovers.  Honestly though, isn't that the best part?!

Recipe courtesy of AllRecipes

  • 1 pork butt, bone-in, around 6 lbs
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Hawaiian sea salt (enough to cover the surface area of the pork butt)
  • 1 tbsp liquid smoke


Trim the excess fat off of your pork butt and place it in your slow cooker.

Rub the Hawaiian sea salt all over the butt, making sure to coat it evenly.  Pour the liquid smoke over the meat and be sure to rub it in as well.

Cook the pork on low for 16-20 hours.  Remove the butt from the slow cooker, drain the excess fat, place the butt back, and shred with two forks.

Serve it up naked with some veggies, mashed potatoes, slaw, or even poi if you've got some ;)  And for the BBQ lovers, throw some sauce on the table to satisfy them as well.

Are you a fan of kalua pork?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Five for Friday

1.  I'm glad we got to hang out and have a really fun night with our friends.  Cards Against Humanity is insane!

2.  I hope you're psyching yourself up to be a doggy babysitter here soon!  lol.

3.  It was really great to get some positive feedback about your career options.  We sure do have a lot to think about!

4.  I'm glad we're finally getting car stuff taken care of, even if our bank account won't be, haha.

5.  I guess we're going to check out some Legos this weekend?  Yaaaaay.  Haha <3

ily <3


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